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About Coil Winding Specialist (CWS)

RoHS Compliance -
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RoHS ( Restriction of Hazardous Substance, Directive 2002/95/EC) restricts hazardous material content in products that will be sold into Euorpe. Otehr countries are adopting these restrictions or are proposing legislation similar to this.

CWS Coil Winding Specialist products are fully in compliance with the RoHS Directive since June 1st, 2004. All products manufactured from our factory in China after June 1st, 2004 are in full compliance of this directive.

About CWS Coil Winding Specialist

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Main Gate, Lobby, Production Floor 1, Production Floor 2, Production Floor 3.

CWS Coil Winding Specialist or CWS began as a design center for custom inductors, chokes, and transformers in the early 1980s in California.

Today, CWS, still based in California is a division of, Inc., and is staffed with professional engineers trained in power electronics and magnetic., Inc. owns a very modern and efficient 70,000 square foot, low cost factory in Dong Guan called "Lion Electronics Enterprises CWS Coil Winding Specialist" which is registered in China. Please go to "CWS Production Factory" for more details.

CWS provides full service from design, prototyping, pre-production run to volume production. All of CWS engineers have at least 10 years of experience in designing and manufacturing of magnetic components such as inductor, choke, coil and transformer for many applications. These inductor, choke, coil, and transformer are designed with ferrites, iron powder, MPP, sendust or high flux cores in all shapes and sizes. Please go to " Design Consulting" to review our engineers background and experience.

Most designs, prototyping and pre-productions of inductors, chokes and transformers are done at our Santa Ana, California location. Volume productions are done at our ISO 9000 approved manufacturing facility in China. Since the prototyping and pre-productions are done in Santa Ana, we can offer our customer the fastest delivery for prototypes and lower volume pre-production requirements where lead times are extremely important. Typical delivery from design to pre-production is 2 days to 2 weeks. For those products manufactured in the U.S., the cost will naturally be higher, but the delivery is very short. For high volume production, our prices are one of the most competitive in the market place. Our prices are factory direct with very low overhead so that we can pass the savings to our customers. For volume productions, we will beat our competitor's prices. We do not do expensive print advertisements in magazines, or have high powered sales personnel. Most of our business come from referrals from our satisfied customers.

Our team of experts can help you with your entire coil winding, inductor, choke, coil and transformer designing needs. We will wind anything. We have the capability to verify your designs, test your ideas and concepts, as well as build your magnetic products to your specifications. We welcome your samples and will manufacture according to your sample configurations to match its performance and specifications.

We are competitive with any of the inductor or chokes manufactured by Coilcraft, Pulse, Renco, Taiyo Yuden, TDK, Toko, Wilco, Coiltronics, Gowanda, JW Miller, Frontier, Delevan, ACT, Murata Erie. Many of the products supplied by these companies are manufactured by similar factories in Asia.The QC systems are similar and we guarantee the quality of our products to be as good or better than our competitors. In addition, we will lower your cost as our overhead is much lower than our competitors. Most importantly, we will deliver the products to you on time, every time.

We have over 50,000 types of raw materials to select from when making a coil, choke, inductor, transformer or antenna. We build surface mount and through hole type products. We have in stock every imaginable wire types and gauges to wind anything for you.

We have both manual equipment and sophisticated winding machines to handle any job, large or small. Our operators are specially selected and trained for winding delicate and extremely thin wires on miniature cores. We have other operators who have been specially trained to manually wind heavy gauge wires. For example, our 5Kw to 10Kw, 3 to 30 MHz transmissions line transformer uses AWG 10 wires with Teflon sleeve, are extremely difficult to wind, but we wind them all!

Our sophisticated instruments have the ability to test and measure all parameters from DC to 1 GHz. Some of our equipment are custom designed to test specific parameters such as flux density, permeability of materials, B-H curves, DC bias, etc.

We can varnish, vacuum impregnate, and encapsulate your entire winding jobs. We use soft epoxy materials to ensure that the stress on the cores is minimized to maintain its inductance, Q, and losses.

Please send us or fax us your product specifications and requirements.

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This web site is constantly being updated and changed. We will add more and more information and application guides to help you, our valued customers. Many of the descriptions are educational in nature, with some theories and technical tips and are intentionally simplified to facilitate easy understanding. This will be particularly helpful to some system engineers who may not be very familiar with magnetic, inductors, chokes, coils, transformers, etc. to better understand how these devices behave. Your feedback is very important for us for continual improvement of this web site. If you need information on some areas not covered in our web site, please let us know. Our engineers can write application notes specifically to meet your needs and post them on this site.

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