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Our factory is fully RoHS Compliant

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Custom Winding and Custom Design:
The only source you'll ever need for any winding jobs and custom designs of transformers, Inductors, Chokes and Coils. Surface Mount, Self Supported and Through Hole. RoHS compliant and Lead Free

Power Magnetic Standard Products :
High current chokes, High current differential chokes, Common mode chokes, High current rod chokes, Iron powder line filter chokes, Output inductor MPP cores, Sendust cores, Koolmu cores, Balun cores, SMPS transformers, Toroidal transformers, Toroidal choke, pot core transformers, RoHS compliant and Pb free.

Surface Mount Products:
Surface Mount Inductors, Surface Mount Chokes, Surface Mount Transformers, Surface Mount RF Inductors, Chip Inductors. All SMT parts are RoHS compliant and Pb free

EMI / RFI Filters:
Common mode chokes, High current differential chokes, Super high current E-Core iron powder, Through hole CM chokes, Toroidal Choke Iron Powder, High current rod chokes.

Antenna Coil :
Antenna Windings on ferrite rod, Antenna Winding on phenolic. Any antenna coil designs.

Need Power Inductors? CWS delivers the finest in surface mount inductors, standard inductors, Power Transformers, Common Mode Chokes, Ceramic Chip Inductors and Wire Wound Chip Inductors. CWS manufactures transformers, inductors, chokes, coils, EMI Filters, RFI Filters, LC Filter Inductors, and Common Mode Filters.