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Standard Products

"We will wind anything for you"

If you can conceptualize it, draw it, sketch it or describe it, we can wind it for you. Of course, if you have an engineering print of it, we can serve you even better.


Power Magnetics:
Hign current chokes, High current differential choke, Common mode choke, High current rod choke, Iron powder line filter choke, Output Inductor MPP core, Sendust cores, Koolmu cores, Balun cores, SMPS transformer, Toroidal transformer, Toroidal choke pot core transformer, Pot core transformer.

  Surface Mount Products:
Surface Mount Inductors, Surface Mount Chokes, Surface Mount Transformer, Surface Mount RF Inductors, Chip Inductors.

  EMI / RFI Filters:
Common mode chokes, High current differential choke, Super high current E-Core iron powder, Through hole CM choke, Torodial Choke Iron Powder, High current rod chokes.

  Toroidal Power Transformers:
Tape Wound Toroidal Cores. Input of 115Vac, 50/60 Hz or 115/230 Vac Center Tapped Outputs. Output Voltages: if VAC, 12Vac to 76Vac from Center Tap to each terminal. If VDC, 13 Vdc to 100Vdc. Power Level: 18VA to 690VA. Meets UL, CSA, VDE. Class B, 130 deg C insulation. 4000 VRMS hi pot.

  Current Sense Transformers:
For switched mode power supply application. Through hole and surface mount current sense transformers. Primary to secondary hi-pot isolation is 2500 Vrms to 3750 Vrms. Secondary turns of 50 to 300.

  Switch Mode Power Supply Trasnformers:
For use with three terminal TOP SWITCH (from Power Integration) configured for Flyback topology. Transformers used on off line type power power supplies. Five watts to 100 watts.

  Laminated Power Transformer for 115V/230V:
Power transformers for 115Vac / 230Vac at 50 / 60 Hz. Insulation is Class B. Using Silicon Steel Laminations. Designed to meet UL, CSA, VDE, IEC. Both PC and Chassis Mount types. Up to 48VA in low profile.


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