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A sample Switch Mode Power Circuit

"We will wind anything for you"

If you can conceptualize it, draw it, sketch it or describe it, we can wind it for you. Of course, if you have an engineering print of it, we can serve you even better.

A Sample Forward Topology Switch Mode Power Supply. The magnetic componnets used in this circuits are listed below:

DMC: Differential Mode Chokes
CMC: Common Mode Chokes
PFC: Power Factor Correction Choke
MAIN TRANS: Main switching power transformer
MAC: Magnetic Amps Choke for regulations
CS: Current Transformer
SMOOTHING CHOKE: Output differential mode filtering choke
NORMAL CHOKE: Output Inductor
DRIVING TRANS: Drive transformer
AUX TRANS: Auxillary transformer for housekeeping supply

CWS engineers can design and built all the above magnetic componenst for your requirements at no charge. A small tooling fees may apply. If necessary, we can also do the circuit designs for you at a low engineering charge.

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