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Switch Mode Power Supply Transformers

Switch Mode Power Supply Transformers

  • Transformers specially designed for use with common PWM controller IC's such as :
    • Power Integration's TINYSWITCH and TOPSWITCH,
    • National Semiconductor ICs
    • Texas Instrument ICs ( formerly Unitrode)
    • International Rectifier ICs
    • Motorola ICs
  • Designed to meet UL 1950/IEC950 Safety Standards.
  • Multiple configurations to meet any output voltages and power levels
  • Design engineering support is available
  • We can design any transformers and chokes for Flyback, Forward, Half Bridge, Full Bridge, Push Pull and Resonant topologies

Please click the links below for more information on the following:

  1. Listing and specifications of transformers for Power Integration's TINYSWITCH family
  2. Listing and specifications of transformers for Power Integration's TOPSWITCH family
  3. Types of Switch Mode Power Supplies
  4. Sample schematic of a forward topology showing different magnetic components used in a typical power supply circuit.
  5. Sample design of a 1.3W ( 7.5 Vout at 0.18 Amps) Standby Power Supply using TINYSWITCH
  6. Sample design of a 1.5W ( 9.0 Vout at 0.170 Amps) AC Adapter Power Supply using TINYSWITCH
  7. Sample design of a 3.6W ( 5.2 Vout at 0.7 Amps) Cell Phone Charger Power Supply using TINYSWITCH
  8. Sample design of a 5W ( 5.0 Vout at 1 Amps) Isolated Bias Power Supply using TOPSWITCH
  9. Sample design of a 15W ( 7.5 Vout at 2 Amps) Power Supply using TOPSWITCH
  10. Sample design of a 30W ( 15.0 Vout at 2 Amps) Power Supply using TOPSWITCH
  11. Sample design of 13.55Vout Lead Acid Battery Charger using TOPSWITCH
  12. Sample design of a 5 outputs ( 3.3V at 3 Amps, 5V at 2.5 Amps, 18V at 550 mA, 30V at 100 mA, -5V at 100 mA) Set-Top Box Power Supply using TOPSWITCH

TNY and TOP ICs chips. Please click here to order prototype quantities of the most common TNY and TOP ICs for your engineering prototype work. All these ICs are in stock for immediate delivery. Order your transformers, input filters, and output chokes together with these IC chips.
Your one stop source.

All CWS customers are encouraged to use any of the above sample designs as a reference in their own designs.

Using Power Integration's TINYSWITCH and TOPSWITCH:
An Application Guide

In the designs of simple low power off line switching mode power supplies, many design engineers are using popular controller chips like the Power Integration's TINYSWITCH and TOPSWITCH. These 3 terminal devices are simple to use and minimizes the number of parts count. However, the design engineers would need to built his or her own transformers, inductors and chokes to work with these TINYSWITCH and TOPSWITCH controllers. These could be a tedious task which involve ordering the correct cores, bobbins, wires, tapes, winding and testing them, etc, During the engineering design and prototype stage, engineers are always short of time. These tasks can be very time consuming and cumbersome.

CWS recognizes these needs. Therefore, CWS design engineers have designed and make available transformers solutions that are optimized for TINYSWITCH and TOPSWITCH applications.

Please click on the "Listing and Specifications" for TINYSWITCH and TOPSWITCH above to find the hundreds of these transformers. If you cannot find the ones you need, please contact us, and we can custom built the transformer for you.

These CWS designed Off Line Switch Mode Transformers are suitable for Forward, Fly back, Buck, Boost circuit configuration with multiple outputs with efficiencies up to 90%. CWS' switching transformers are also optimized to provide maximum power output.

Power Integration's TNYXXX and TOPXXX series controller chips are self-contained 100KHz three terminal voltage controlled PWM switching regulators. They contain all necessary functions required for an off-line switching DC power source. The inductors, line filter and transformers used with the TNYXXX and TOPXXX series are very important to the circuit's performance. They define the overall physical size, output power and efficiency of the product.

The transformer products shown in the links above are available off the shelf. CWS can supply them in small to large quantities. If you cannot find the types you need, please call us and we will built a custom one for you.

To view the files in PDF format, please click on the PDF icon.
Transformer Specifications and Part Numbering
AC input of 85 - 265Vac, 47/440Hz

5Vout and 5Watt Out Reference Design
Includes Schematics and Bill of Materials (BOM) to build a 5Vout, 5Watt off-line power supply using CWS transformers and TOP Switch I.C.

7.5Vout and 15 Watts Reference Design
Includes Schematics and Bill of Materials (BOM) to build a 7.5Vout, 15 Watt off-line power supply using CWS transformers and TOP Switch I.C.

15Vout and 30 Watts Reference Design
Includes Schematics and Bill of Materials (BOM) to build a 15Vout, 30 Watt off-line power supply using CWS transformers and TOP Switch I.C.

Packaging and Mechanical Drawings of Transformer Referenced in "Transformer Specs and Part Numbers"
EE16 - EE19 Dimension EE24 - EE25 - EI22 - EI28 Dimension
EER28 - ETD29 - ETD34 Dimension EF20 - EF25 Dimension
EF30 - EER28 Dimension EI30 - EI33 - EF16 Dimension
ETD34 - EPC19 - EPC25 - EPC30 Dimension    

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