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3 Phase Nanocrystalline/Ferrite

CWS's TP Series of Three Phase Nanocrystalline Common Mode Choke and TFR Ferrite Common Mode Choke
Three Phase Amorphous Common Mode Choke (CMC). The traditional ferrite based 3 phase common mode choke is under the TFR Series. All the other Series are Nano or amorphous based.
Except for the TFR Series, all the 3 phase common mode chokes are wound on nanocrystalline and amorphous ribbon cores. Nanocrystalline and Amorphous ribbon cores are ideally suited for 50Hz to 500Hz line frequency common mode filtering. The cores are encased in high temperature plastic casing to provide mechanical integrity.

Application includes installation at 50Hz or 60Hz or 400Hz 3-Phase power panels for industrial equipment, machinery, 400Hz military power generator, wind turbine power generator, DC to AC inverter, UPS, etc.

The advantages of the TP Series over the ferrite based common mode chokes are:
1) High permeability of 50,000 to 85,000 ui. This means less number of turns needed to achieve the same inductance, impedance and insertion loss providing better filtering solutions.
2)Very high inductance (L), impedance |Z| and insertion loss (-dB). Compared to ferrite CMC of the same size, the L can be over 4x higher at 10Khz and 2x higher at 100 Khz. Therefore smaller size can be used to achieve the same insertion loss.
3) High saturation flux density (Bm) of 1.2 Tesla or 12,000 Gauss. This means ability to withstand higher voltage spikes and higher transient noise and more effective in controlling AC Power Line conducted noise up to 10 Mhz.
4) High Curie Temperature of 570 deg C which allows it to operate at HIGHER temperature range.
5) Little variation in inductance and impedance from low temperature up to Curie temperature. This means ability to operate over a WIDER temperature range.
6) Little or No magnetostriction allowing low audio noise operation

The Ferrite based TFR series advantage is the wider range of common mode noise filtering that can cover over higher frequencies.

Please follow this link to see some pictures of 3 Phase Nanocrystalline CMCs

  Part Number Inductance Current
Rating (Amps)
DCR (milli-Ohms) Dimension (OD/ID/HT) mm SRF Impedance @ SRF SolidWorks
Thermal Model LT Spice SolidWorks
Power Loss Material Quantity
on hand
TPA-1153U-B20A REV.A 115.00 mH 20 25.0 OD=83.82mm, HGT=58.42mm 45 KHz 43.00 KOhms SolidWorks
          0 $38.00
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TPF-114U-B02A 110.00 mH 2 140.0 OD=27.80;mm; HGT=19.05mm 7.47MHz 5.74kΩ             5
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TPW-101U-B30A 100.00 uH 30 1.0 OD=49.70mm, HGT=24.25mm 1.13MHz 528 Ohms             0 $50.00
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TPA-503U-B40A REV.A 50.00 mH 40 10.0 OD=83.82mm, HGT=58.42mm 82 KHz 22.00 KOhms SolidWorks
          8 $39.50
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TPC-363U-B22A 36.00 mH 22 16.0 OD=68.58mm; HGT=45.72mm 100 KHz 14.00 KOhms SolidWorks Model           24 $45.00
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TPB-353U-B20A 35.00 mH 20 16.5 OD=49.00mm; HGT=45.72mm 140 KHz 11.00 KOhms SolidWorks
          8 $51.75
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TPA-243U-B50A REV.A 24.00 mH 50 4.0 OD=85.09mm; HGT=58.42mm 160 KHz 12.00 KOhms SolidWorks
          2 $42.00
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TPC-163U-B20A REV.C 15.50 mH 20 14.0 OD=66.04mm; HGT=45.72mm 650 kHz 10.50 KOhms             10 $35.00
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TPF-143U-B04A 14.00 mH 4.0 21.0 OD=27.80mm; HGT=19.05mm 602KHz 7.92kΩ SolidWorks
          2 $40.00
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TPF-113U-B03A REV.C1 11.00 mH 4 40.0 OD=23.00mm, HGT=16.50mm 860 kHz 0.93 KOhms             1 $38.00
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TPC-113U-B25A REV.C 10.50 mH 25 6.8 OD=65.50mm; HGT=45.00mm 1100 KHz 6.90 KOhms             0 $38.00
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TPF-702U-B07A 7.00 mH 7.0 9.40 OD=27.80mm; HGT=19.05mm 1.60MHz 4.30kΩ             3 $40.55
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TPC-802U-B20A 6.50 mH 20 8.5 OD=57.00mm; HGT=32.00mm 1.42 MHz 6.6 KOhms             0 $35.00
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TPS-602U-B38A 6.00 mH 38 3.0 OD=67.0mm,ID=18.56mm,HGT=33.41mm 1.25 MHz 0.44 KOhms             1 $40.00
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CWS-1TPC-12710 6.00 mH 100 1.25 OD=105.00mm, HGT=50.00mm 1.35 MHz 2.60 KOhms             0 $150.00
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  TPW-502U-B15A 5.00 mH 15 6.5 OD=49.50mm, HGT=26.00mm 4000 KHz 3.30 KOhms             0 $38.00
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  TPW-352U-B20A 3.50 mH 20 3.8 OD=50.00mm,HGT=27.00mm 2000 KHz 1.97 KOhms             0 $50.00
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TPC-352U-B40A REV.A 3.50 mH 40 4.0 OD=66.04mm; HGT=45.72mm 2000 KHz 5.00 KOhms SolidWorks Model           3 $40.00
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TPC-222U-B65A REV.B 2.20 mH 65 1.2 OD=69.85mm; HGT=48.26mm 2800 KHz 1.70 KOhms SolidWorks Model           4 $45.00
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TPW-152U-B30A REV.C 1.50 mH 30 2.0 OD=52.00mm,HGT=29.00mm 4000 KHz 1.50 KOhms             14 $50.00
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