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Custom Inductive Loads and Power Factor Loads

Inductive Loads, also called Lagging Loads or Inductive Load Banks or Inductive Reactive Loads or Power Factor Loads, are AC loads that are predominantly inductive in nature so that the alternating current lags behind the alternating voltage when the current flows into the load.

Any devices or equipment that have coils in them are inductive in nature. Examples of inductive load are motors, solenoids, contactor coils, compressors, speakers, relays, transformers, inductors, power generators, etc. Inductive load banks design and built by CWS are used primarily to simulate the above equipment to test other components such as AC Power supplies, switches and relays that connect to the them. CWS specializes in the custom designs of Inductive loads for various applications.

In any coils, the coiling creates an inductance and copper wires or aluminium wires used in the windings itself has DC resistance. The inductance creates the inductive loads (also called reactive load) and the DC resistance of the winding itself creates the resistive load. A purely inductive load will provide a power factor of zero. A purely resistive load will provide a power factor of one. A combination of inductive and resistive loads will give the device such as motors, etc a PF of between 0 to 1. Most equipment has a power factor of 0.7 to 0.8

Power Factor (PF) is defined as the cosine of angle between the inductive portion (jwl) and the resistive portion (Rs) of a coil. This angle is also called Phase Angle. In real world, Power Factor is the ratio of real power over the available power from a AC system. Real Power (in KW) is the available power to do the work, and Available Power (in KVA) is the total delivered power. The difference between Real Power and Available Power is the Reactive Power. Reactive Power (in KVAR) is the power needed to generate the magnetic fields in the inductive equipment No useful work is performed by KVAR.

Inductive loads cause inductive kickback, a significant high voltage which can destroy devices such as switches, relays and other devices connected to it. Since most equipment has a power factor of 0.7 to 0.8, the inductive load banks from CWS can be designed with Power Factor from 0.5 to 0.98 with correct alternating current through them so that they can be used to simulate actual inductive loads without having the actual equipment

  1. Custom designed Inductive Load for Power Factor of 0.5 to 0.98
  2. Custom Inductive Loads are rated up to 100 amps, RMS
  3. Custom inductive load can be designed for Single or 3 phase power source from 115Vac up to 1000 Vac rms
  4. Custom inductive loads are designed for 50 Hz, 60 Hz, 400 Hz, 1 KHz and up to 200 KHz of frequency.
  5. CWS custom inductive loads are supplied with or without the required resistor banks to achieve the desired Power Factor.


Please follow this link to see some pictures of Inductive Load

Part Number Inductance AC Input Voltage Phase AC Current Frequency Power Factor Impedance |Z| External Resistor
In Series
on hand
CWS-1EE-12781 46mH   Single   60 Hz       0
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CWS-05-11884 30mH 277 Vac rms Single 15 Amps rms 60 Hz 0.75-0.80 19.0 Ohms 12-Ohms, 3kw 0 $600.00
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CWS-08-11943 28.3mH 120 Vac rms Single 16 Amps rms 60 Hz 0.40-0.50 12.0 Ohms   0 $1,300.00
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CWS-08-11942 20.4mH 120 Vac rms Single 16 Amps rms 60 Hz 0.40-0.50 8.5 Ohms   0 $1,300.00
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CWS-08-11900 9mH 277 Vac rms Single 70 Amps rms 60 Hz 0.50 4.0 Ohms 165-Ohms 0 $1,200.00
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