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Transformers for Power Integration Reference Design

These transformers made based on Power Integrations© Reference Designs.
Information about construction of transformers can be found by clicking the hyper links below.

Please note:
MOQ may apply if no stock.
Lead-time: stock to 4 weeks.
Minimum purchase: 5 pcs.

Part Number Application Power Integrations
Reference Design
Package Power Integrations Device Topology Quantity
on hand
CWS-T1-DAK83 Cordless Phone Adapter
1.6 W, 7.7 V, 210 mA Output
RDR-83 EE16H LNK562P LinkSwitch-LP 0 $5.00
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CWS-T1-DAK85 Line Freq. Transformer Based Charger
2 W, 6 V, 330 mA Output
EPR-85 EE16H LNK564P LinkSwitch-LP 0 $12.00
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CWS-T1-DAK89 Low Cost Adapter
2 W, 6.2 V, 322 mA Output
EPR-89 EE16 LNK362P LinkSwitch-XT 0 $5.00
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CWS-T1-DER168 LED Driver
20 W Single Output 85 VAC-277 VAC
Input 12V, 1.67 A Output
DER-168 EE28 TOP247YN TOPSwitch-GX 0 $5.00
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CWS-T1-DER184 LED Driver
5.32 W, 85-265 VAC Input;
7.7 V, 700 mA Output
DER-184 EE16 LNK606PG LinkSwitch-II 0 $5.00
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CWS-T1-DAK15 Power Integration Charger/Adapter
3 W Universal Input, Single Output,
Isolated Converter
EPR-15 EE16 TNY254P TinySwitch 0 $5.00
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CWS-T1-EP14 Power Integration Charger/Adapter
3W (9V, 0.33 A)
EPR-14 EF12.6 TNY264P TinySwitch-II 0 $5.00
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CWS-T1-EP91 General Purpose
12 W 85-265 VAC Input, 12 V, 1 A Output
RDR-91 EE25 TNY278P TinySwitch-III 0 $5.00
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CWS-T1-EP93 LED Street Lighting
140-265 VAC Input; 150W Output
EPR-93 EE25 PK606Y PeakSwitch 0 $5.00
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CWS-T1-EPR34 General Purpose
Single Output 30 W AC-DC Universal Input,
12 V at 30 W Output
EPR-34 EF25 TOP254Y TOPSwitch-GX 0 $5.00
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CWS-T1-DER227 General Purpose Adapter
3 W Single Output 85 VAC-265 VAC Input;
5V 0.6A CV Output
DER-227 EE13 LNK363DN LinkSwitch-XT 0 $5.00
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CWS-T1-DER185 LED Driver
4.2W, 85-265 VAC Input,
12 V, 350 mA Output
DER-185 EE16 LNK605DG LinkSwitch-II 0 $8.00
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CWS-T1-RDK201 Low Cost Charger/Adapter
90-265 VAC Input;
5 V, 1.2 A Output
RDR-201 EE16 LNK625PG LinkSwitch-CV 0 $5.00
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CWS-T1-DER212 LED Street Lighting
140-265 VAC Input
48V 150W Output
0 $5.00
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CWS-T1-RDK142 LCD Monitor
90-265 VAC Input
5V, 2.2A and 12V, 2A Output
RDR-142 EER28 TOP258PN TopSwitch-HX 0 $5.00
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CWS-T1-RDR158 Low Cost Charger/Adapter5V, 1A Output RDR-158 EE16 LINK616PG LinkSwitch-II 0 $5.00
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CWS-T1-DAK115 DVD/Set Top Box
85-265 VAC Input
3.3V(500mA), 5V(500mA),
12V (250mA), 12V (30mA) Output
RDR-115 EEL19 TNY376P TinySwitch-PK 0 $7.50
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