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High Amps Surface Mount Inductors

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SELECTION GUIDE : 40 Amps to 60 Amps Surface Mount Inductors


  • Super high current in small package
  • 40 Amperes to 60 Amperes DC Current
  • Very low core losses and winding losses
  • High Saturation flux density
    • ( over 10,000 gausses or 1000 mT )
  • Extremely good temperature stability
    • ( less than 1% inductance change from - 60 to +140 Deg C )
  • Good DC bias stability at high flux densities.
  • Inductance range from 0.3 uH to 2.0 uH

CWS is proud to be the first to introduce the industry highest output current with this small form factor using MPP cores. These CWS inductors is about 50% smaller than the closest competitor's products using the gapped ferrite cores. This family of high current surface mount output inductors are used in dc/dc converter applications, compact power supplies, military power supplies, telecommunication power supplies, etc. The core material is made of Molybdenum Permalloy Powder (MPP) that has very low losses, and good inductance stability under high DC bias conditions. The MPP cores have distributed air gaps that are evenly distributed over the entire core structure, making the losses very low.

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